Monday, March 13, 2023

Knwbility Agrees to Resell HFMA Educational Content in the Gulf Region

 Experienced in healthcare leadership, Paul Generale serves as the executive vice president and chief strategy and network officer of Christus Health, a faith-based, not-for-profit healthcare system based in Dallas. In this role, he oversees new ventures and acquisitions, ambulatory and post-acute services, risk finance, the health system’s employed physician enterprise, and health plan products. Paul Generale maintains his membership in Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA).

HFMA is a professional membership association of over 90,000 healthcare leaders and professionals. Its mission is to help its individual and organizational members achieve the most desirable performance by providing them with education, industry analyses, and practical tools and solutions that address healthcare issues.

In late August, HFMA signed an agreement with Knwbility Healthcare Training Academy to become the official reseller of HFMA educational content in the Gulf Region. This new partnership expands a previous collaboration between these organizations for the offering of HFMA’s Certified Revenue Cycle Representative (CRCR) certification in the Middle East. People who buy their access to HFMA’s certification automatically earn one-year international membership in HFMA.

The partnership leverages Knwbility’s established presence in the region to help HFMA provide education to its international members who continue to face challenging and complex healthcare finance issues. HFMA’s move to expand its global reach began in 2021 after joining G20’s Health and Development Partnership and the International Hospital Federation.

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Access Virtual Care Anywhere with CHRISTUS Health’s MyCHRISTUS

 Recognized as one of the top 150 health CFOs in the United States, Paul Generale holds a BBA from Baylor University and an MBA from the University of Houston, Clear Lake. Paul Generale serves as executive vice president of CHRISTUS Health in Dallas, Texas. CHRISTUS Health is a Catholic health organization with a mission to spread the healing ministry of Jesus Christ. The company has about 60 hospitals in the United States and 400 ambulatory centers.

To receive care at any one of CHRISTUS Health's hospitals, a person can search for a nearby location through the organization’s website at Alternatively, they can sign up for MyCHRISTUS.

MyCHRISTUS is CHRISTUS Health’s virtual care service. It enables patients to manage their health from anywhere. They can access the platform through their digital device (smartphone, tablet, or computer), find a provider near them, schedule an appointment, and connect with a clinician directly, not a third-party service. Patients can even use the platform to receive test results and refill medical prescriptions.

If a person wants on-demand care, they do not have to schedule an appointment with a clinician. Instead, they pay a flat fee of $30 (by cash or insurance) and access On Demand Care on MyCHRISTUS. The platform will connect them to the next available physician. This service is open seven days a week from 7 am to 7 pm. CHRISTUS even has an accessibility option for visually impaired people and uses a screen reader or language translator.

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

The Purpose of Endometrial Ablation

 An experienced healthcare leader, Paul Generale serves as executive vice president of CHRISTUS Health, a Texas-based healthcare system that serves patients in Dallas, New Mexico, and Louisiana. Under Paul Generale’s direction, CHRISTUS Health offers a wide range of services. Among other services, CHRISTUS Health offers diverse gynecological treatments, including endometrial ablation.

A minimally invasive surgical procedure, endometrial ablation is a technique that stops heavy menstrual bleeding. Heavy menstrual bleeding is when a female loses up to 80ml of blood during her period. Heavy menstrual bleeding involves frequently changing saturated pads or tampons, menstrual bleeding that lasts for more than one week, and fatigue and shortness of breath during the period (anemia-like symptoms due to severe blood loss).

Menstrual bleeding is caused by the tissues that line the uterus. During endometrial ablation, a device is introduced to the uterus. This device - called the endometrial ablation device - destroys the tissue lining the uterus. The device is taken out of the uterus after two minutes. The procedure typically takes less than five minutes.

The result of endometrial ablation is stopped or reduced bleeding. Not all females are suitable candidates for endometrial ablation. For example, a pregnant female or someone who plans to become pregnant in the future should not have endometrial ablation.

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

The Need for Strategic Planning in Health Institutions


Paul Generale is the executive vice president of Christus Health in Irving in Dallas County. Among other things, Paul Generale leads strategy and planning for Christus Health across the entire network of healthcare services.

Strategic planning requires drawing a framework or setting key objectives for where a business wants to go in the future. Healthcare executives should consider prospective governmental policy changes, technological improvements, and economic realities that might significantly alter an organization's operations.

In contrast to conventional plans, strategic planning considers what lies ahead for every area and facet of the company, taking into consideration changes that can be expected across all offices and departments.

It is crucial for the organization's strategic plan to be solid so that ideas and information can be disseminated unhindered. A plan for achieving them enables employees at all levels, from administrators to doctors, to have the drive and passion crucial in the medical industry. In the long run, this contributes to the continuity and seamless realization of the organization's goals and objectives.